About Takayuki Zoshi

T. Zoshi demonstrates carving at the Oakland MuseumWe all have a treasure inside us. That treasure is a spirit. That spirit is beauty, power, peace, enjoyment, and happiness. My creativity is a kind of digging tool for searching out that treasure. If I dig deeply enough inside myself, I can touch the essence of life. I try to show that spirit of beauty through my work.

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Born in Oita, Japan in 1949, I came to the United States in 1981 to participate in an eight month long Peace Walk from Los Angeles to New York. During this anti-nuclear campaign, I carved my very first Buddhist image as a personal protector and symbol of inner peace.

After the walk, I resolved to live in the United States carving by Takayuki Zoshi, Sebastopol, CAand to carve wood full time.

I currently live in Sebastopol, California, where I carve wood using traditional Japanese techniques and tools.  My pieces range from classic Buddhist designs to whimsical women colored with Japanese rock pigments.

Welcome to my website.

– Zoshi

3 Responses to About Takayuki Zoshi

  1. Elaine Eiko Weston says:

    We really enjoyed our visit to your studio and Ragel Park yesterday. As Buddhist Temple of Marin members, we are eager to talk to our Sangha about the Buddhist statues. We will stay in touch!
    Gassho, Elaine Eiko Weston
    Board member

  2. Your art is truly beautiful and I have always enjoyed your carvings and prints, Like all great artists, there’s a very special sensitivity to the human condition that lives in your work. Thank you for sharing it with all of us and making this world brighter!
    haro kagemoto

  3. Kosuke Naka says:

    元気そうで何より! 仲です。 今 長男がサンノゼに行っています。時間があれば 会って欲しいが!
    3か月ほど SONYの事務所にいるが あちこち アメリカを駆け巡っているよう。 こちらから TELしたがつながらない。 あつひろ(昌宏)から連絡があるかもしれないが よろしく お願いしたい。 元気そうな 造士の姿を見て よかったよ。
    ユウチュウブを SKYPEで送ってきた! 息子から メールか TELがあると思う。 造士の所へは 車で行くと思う。 レンタカーを支給されているようにある。 また メールする

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